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In the blink of an eye 6 months have passed since we started work on Survarium. We have been working passionartely and today we’ll talk a bit about what awaits you in the game.


Alexey Sytyanov (Lead Game Designer)
— When talking about Scavengers faction, one could say the following;
Scavenger is the first type of character the player becomes once he enters our world.
He doesn’t have a house, he’s got very basic weapons, he’s alone, dirty, lives in sluma and tried to survive.
The chance for his survival are slim, so all scavengers gather in safe zones, such as scavenger camps, where they can buy cheap equipment, primitive weapons, can exchange food, water and if lucky enough, booze.

Ruslan Didenko (Project Lead)
— Scavengers were the first to face the dangers of the New World and that got reflected in their equipment.
Due to their way of living, they cannot produce the equipment themselves. So all they wear is something either found or exchanged, or perhaps something improved or pathed manually by themselves.
Mostly, the scavengers’ gear is aimed to increase the survival chances within the tough ecologycal and anomalous enviroment;
they are not the best of warriors, so they prefer more stealthy tactics when it comes to combat.
That is why acavengers are good in scouting, seeking artifacts, and can be good at sniping.
That has been reflected on their equipment, armament and in thei description.
The weaponry of scavengers is mainly represented by captured or hunting guns manufactured locally.
Initially scavengers start with TOZ-122 which is a 5-loader hunting rifle with manual reload. And then they can allso buy TOZ-34, which is a gun many fans of our previous games are familiar with. While TOZ-122 proves effecient on maddle and long-range distances, TOZ-34 is more designed for short and maddle ranges. Among the mobile light secondary guns they can obtain TT pistol.
At higher levels of relations with the scavenger camp the latter can agree to sell tou the Russian-designed machinegun pistol Vityaz, which is the first automated gun a Scavenger could acquire. There is also a captured sniper rifle Remington 700 available.
The supplementary items to help scavengers survive include medikits, antirad, simple devices for artifact seeking as well as a set of tools to deactivate trapa and repair very basic devicas.
Finally, one of the unique items scavengers can put on is a special backpack with built-in artifact container. In this way scavengers can carry more artifacts than representatives of any other faction.

Alexey Sytyanov (Lead Game Designer)
— Rudnya is a location placed in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, not far from the atomic power plant.
From the church hill you can see the CNPP; its pipe is nicely visible in the far distance. The location discovered by scavengers who rasearched the area. They were surprised to discover that there used to be some experimental test ground based in the old neglected village. Somebody used to carry biological medical experiments, cages with animals were found, along with some strange trails on the plants.
Rudnya is the place of fierce competition among the factions due to stock of penicillin which is a vitally needed element for each survivor in the New World.

Ruslan Didenko (Project Lead)
— Rudnya has been designed in mind with the mode of play where two teams try to capture their opponent’s base.
Structurally, the location offers three directions (corridors):
1.) first direction in the far north, is where the Church stands. This is more sniper’s position, it is convenied for attacking both base and also it comtrols the lowland where the marsh is located.
2.) The marsh makes a second direction, convenient for stealthy attacks on the enemy base owing to high-growing reed, limited visibility and fog allowing quite unexpected infiltration. The marsh also contains an anomalous spot where you can find artifacts temporary bonuses.
3.) The third direction for attack is the village. This is the place comfortable for short-range combatants, since a large number of walls, partitions allow immediate going out for close combat. This is the attack direction for strike fighters, but to make it more challenging for them, both sides of the village provide for good sniping positions.
From one side of the base it’s the water pump tower, from the other side’s base — it’s an apiary on the hill.


Dmitry Iassenev (Lead Programmer)
— The engine behind our game is an up-to-date game engine using the graphical interface DirectX 11, multi-core processors
and is designed for videocards the level no less than GeForce 8800 512Mb video memory, and also required 2Gb RAM or more.
For comfortable play you’ll need to have a stable Internet connection with the speed of 64Kbit download and 32 Kbit upload.
When designing the engine, our goal was to make it use all the computational resources available on the computer. Also, while designer the graphics renderer we focused on correctness and dynamics of lighting, so as the enviroment of the player.

Artem Kryzhanovsky (Technical Artist)
рафический специалист Артем Крижановский о технологиях в Survariym
— The game has TWO types of lighting — directional and indirectional. The directional lighting is represented by fully dynamic sun and local sources of light which can and will casting shadows on all the objects nearby. The technology we are using right now allows to render the lighting on dynamic objects and characters in quite true-to-life way, irrespective of their environment (if you come to the window, you’re going to look lighter, but if you go in the dark corner — you’ll merge with the environment.

BRDF optical effect first time in game

BRDF optical effect first time in game

In addiction, in our game we use Fresnel reflection to indicate reflections on object edges at the angles close to 90 degrees ( in first time inside game industry! ) We use a rather realistic model of BRDF ( Bidirectional reflectance distribution function — BRDF) allowing us to obtain good results for such materials as metals — we’ll get neat precise reflections on them. For non-metal materials we’ll also get reflections, but corresponding to those dielectric materials (such as wood, brick etc.. ).

Dmitry Iassenev (Lead Programmer)
— Preventing the cheating players is important since cheating can destroy the entire impressions of the game. That’s why we are a very serious approach to this issue and we will tackle it as follows. Evwrything that the player sends to the server makes his input. In this way all the meaningful events in the game occur on the server, for example a bullet shot (here the calculation of direction, speed, trajectory, type of bullet etc is made), to prevent any dishonest activity. In this way, the possible for cheating are narrowed down to using aim-bots, using wallhack and recoil compensation with the help of mouse macros. Such cheating attempts we are going to prevent by using third-party softwaire to prevent injection into the address spase of the game procass.
For wallhack for Survarium we plan to use more precise methods of culling invisible surfaces, so as to make the players who really cannot be seen do not get drawn at all. On top of that, we are going to check the game resources, so one couldn’t make artificial holes in walls to deceive the engine and make it draw the players nevertheless.

The ideal solution, of course, would be not to send the information at all about other players, who definitely cannot be seen from the client’s side, but this requires various actions to be undertaken on the server side, which in turn, increases the load on it considerably.
Currently we are not yet ready to tell if such a solution will be applied in the game as we are only experementing with it.
As fer as the high ping is concerned, we have solutions both on the side of the client and the server.

On the client side we always use the last input we received from the server. In this case, if there is some pause, then player will not be standing still, he’ii be taking some actions. In case later on a correction from the server comes, he is also not going to instantly move or drastically change the direction of movement.
We try to compensate such sort of lags with animations ( we can speed up the animations a bit for the player to reach his destination quicker). In any way, it’s not going to be a mere sliding over the surface.

The server also provides for compensation of possible lags from the side of the client, which boils down to the server talking into account the time at which the players created certain events. For example, if the player with high ping sends the information that he is going to shoot in the near past, the server rewinds the positions of other players back into that very time in the past and after that bullet shot is fired. In that way a player with high ping can kill a player with low ping, event it the latter has already turned around the corner on his computer. :)
The team continues working on the game improving it week by week to near the moment when the first players can indulge into the world of Survarium.

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